Company Profile

Established in 2007, the RIAP Welding Service is a young and yet very active and enterprising company, always looking for new customers, undertaken to improve its structure, and to enhance the skills of its staff, so to be able to implement any project in the best way.


The RIAP Welding Service collaborate with some of the most important companies in the sector:

  • APS
  • IG O&M S.p.A.
  • Impresa TRE COLLI S.p.A.
  • Kinetics Technology
  • MAX Streicher S.p.A.
  • SALP S.p.A.
  • SICIM S.p.A.
  • SIM S.p.A.


Con APS S.p.A.:

  • With APS, we performed the mechanical works for the revamping of the Mild Hydrocracking Unit at the MOL's Danube Refinery Százhalombatta, in Hungary.

On behalf of IG O&M S.p.A.:

  • Mechanical works for the project "Esso Italiana Pipeline, Augusta", of SNAM Rete Gas.
  • We participated in the work of construction of the "Biomass Power Plant" near Enna, with a capacity of 18.7 megawatt-hours: Pipe Rack installation, prefabrication and erection of steelworks (pipe supports, facilities, wedges for the walls of the wood chipper), construction of shed of coverage for the fire pumps room, prefabrication and erection of piping, painting of Pipe Rack and pipes.

On behalf of IMPRESA TRE COLLI S.p.A.:

  • Mechanical works and passive protection (sandblasting and painting) for the project "Potenziamento Allacciamento A2A (ex AEM) Milano Triulza DN 750/900 (30"/36") e opere connesse.", by SNAM Rete Gas.
  • Mechanical works and passive protection (sandblasting and painting) for the project "Varianti Metanodotto Biccari - Napoli e Derivazione per Napoli ed opere connesse.", by SNAM Rete Gas.
  • Strengthening of the gas compression station in Poggio Renatico, works of prefabrication and erection.
  • Construction of the ancillary facilities for the Massafra-Biccari pipeline, a project by Snam Rete Gas.

With Kinetics Technology S.p.A.:

  • For KT S.p.A. we have carried out the piping and pipe supports fabrication for the "ZOHR Supply SRU Phase 2" project, final customer ENI / Petrobel (Egypt), included NDE, PWHT, painting and the activities of marking, packing and loading inside containers of pipe spools and pipe supports (Ex Works).

With MAX Streicher S.p.A.:

  • Gas Storage Field of Bordolano, works of prefabrication and the erection of the "Low Temperature Separator" facility.
  • Realization of the "New Distribution Node of Minerbio and Variant GA.ME A, DN 1050 (42")".

On behalf of SALP S.p.A.:

  • The mechanical works for the adaptation of the Terminal of Mazara del Vallo and of the Gas Measurement System.
  • Construction of the 20" gas pipeline and of the related facilities from Busso (CB) to S. Pietro Infine (CE), within the project "Strengthening of the Gas Network of the South-Western Dorsal (Paliano-Reggente)".
  • Construction of all facilities for the "Pipeline Zimella-Cervignano D'Adda", DN 1400 (56 "), DP 75 bar - Lot 1.

On behalf of SICIM S.p.A.:

  • In Angola, we have built the oil pipeline for the project "Castanha Field Production Facilities".
  • With our staff, we have participated in the construction of an oil pipeline for a project of the OBC, Colombia.
  • We have participated in the project Laggan Tormore of Total, on the Shetland Islands.
  • We carried out the mechanical works for the gas pipeline Lorca-Chinchilla Tramo Norte in Spain, a project by Enegas SA.

With SIM S.p.A.:

  • The erection of 800 tons of metallic carpentry and the prefabrication of 327 tons of piping for the “SRU Package Unit - Zohr Development Project”.
  • The prefabrication for the project “FAO NAPHTHA CRACKING FURNACES B701 M&P PROJECT”.
  • The prefabrication for the project "D11 Unit H-101, Fournace Revamping" for the TOTAL refinery in Normandy.
  • The prefabrication for the Foster Wheeler France's project "L-51 SWING LDPE/EVA", for the Dunkerque refinery.
  • The construction of a steel structure for the project "Viking, Aboveground Gas Processing Facility", Technip, Germany.
  • The prefabrication for the Heurtey Petrochem's project "UGO, 2011 - Steam Crackers 2F4R&S", for the Total Petrochemicals France's refinery in Gonfreville.
  • A prefabrication with special materials for a project of STF S.p.A.


The RIAP Welding Service possesses the means and the equipment necessary to address a wide range of contracts and can buy or rent, as the case, whatever is deemed necessary.

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