RIAP Welding Service

The RIAP Welding Service is an italian mechanical construction company with SOA Certification, for Public Contracts in Category OG6 Classification III Bis.

Founded in 2007 by a small group of professionals, it is specialized in prefabrication and erection of piping and steel structures for industrial plants and pipelines.

The RIAP Welding Service has a highly skilled staff, especially welders and pipe fitters of great experience and professionalism.

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The RIAP Welding Service has gained over the years the experience necessary to take the responsibility of a wide range of contracts.

We performed the prefabrication and erection of piping and steel structures for petrochemical plants and power plants.

We are also very active in the field of pipelines. We carried out the construction of gas and oil pipelines, taking care of all phases of mechanical work, from pipe fitting and welding, to final installation. We also performed the prefabrication and erection of associated facilities, such as compressor and pumping stations.

With our staff, we have participated in maintenance and revamping of refineries, in the construction of boilers, as well as in the construction and installation of bridges, viaducts and steel components for offshore platforms.

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